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MinnesotaWorks.Net Tennessen Warning Notice

The data we are asking you to provide about yourself is considered private data by Minnesota Statute 13.47 subdivision 2. In order to collect and use this data we must tell you why we need the data, how we intend to use it, and any consequences you may experience if you supply the information or not.

Why we need the data

  • Your Social Security Number is requested to identify you as a unique individual and to find wage data on you that helps us determine how well our services helped you.
  • Demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, race, and disability status is collected to evaluate our performance and in some cases to determine if you're eligible for special assistance.
  • Veteran status is asked to determine if you are eligible for special services and to evaluate our service delivery.

How we intend to use the data

In addition to analyzing this data to improve our services, we may share information about you with other employment and training service providers in order to determine what services you may be eligible for and to coordinate services provided to you. Data may be shared with federal and state entities that provide funding for workforce development services. Additionally, other government entities with a legal right to this data may see your information.

Consequences to you

You can refuse to supply any or all of this information; you are not legally required to provide any of this information to use If you don't supply enough information to create a username and password for yourself your ability to use will be limited. A username and password allows for easy access to your job seeking and career management work during repeat visits.

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