Employer Registration

MinnesotaWorks.Net Tennessen Warning Notice

The data we are asking you to provide about the business you work for – and yourself – may be considered private data under Minnesota Statute 13.47 subdivision 2 or Minnesota Statute 116J.401, subdivision 3. In order to collect and use this data we must tell you why we need the data, how we intend to use it, and any consequences you may experience if you supply the information or not.

Why we need the data

  • An employer name, a mailing address, and a State Unemployment Tax Number is requested to determine if you are affiliated with an employer already registered in MinnesotaWorks.net and to identify you as an employer participating in Minnesota’s Unemployment Insurance Program, administered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).
  • The number of employees and industry of employer is requested so that we can report summary statistics on the types of employers who use MinnesotaWorks.Net.
  • Your name, business phone number, and a valid email address are requested to enable us to contact you for research purposes and in order to evaluate our service delivery.

How we intend to use the data

Your data will be compiled with data from other employers to produce summary-level statistics, which we use to report on and improve our services. We may also share individual information about you or your employer with other workforce or economic development providers to inform you of services related to recruitment and hiring, to conduct research on employers in Minnesota, and for outreach purposes. Summary data may be shared with federal, state, and local entities that provide funding for workforce or economic development services. Additionally, other government entities with a legal right to this data may access your information.

Consequences to you

You can refuse to supply any or all of this information; you will not face any consequences for refusing to do so. If you choose to not supply all of the information identified as required, you will be unable to log in to and use MinnesotaWorks.net.